To provide a sufficient amount of right brain thinking to shape meaningful long term relationships between your product and people.
We are fascinated about how modern technologies transform millions of people's lives for better.
We feel sad that most of the time it takes years for brilliant tech companies in order to untap their true potential and value they can provide for people.
We feel even more sad when some companies clearly see what value they add to this world, but fail to communicate it in a way people are interested to hear.
We are right brain thinkers
Human nature experts
Feeling creatures who think
Creatives, planners, dreamers, entertainers
We believe that defining the core value is paramount for every company today. We facilitate founders to nail it right
We shape it, put it into the right words with emotional appeal.
We combine the truth and the magic into core value articulation
We help to communicate it inwards to attract the right talent, provide the meaning to their work, increase loyalty & productivity. We create comms plan, memorable and entertaining assets for internal comms
We communicate it to the world to attract the right people and to scale. We create comms plan & memorable and entertaining assets for external comms
We allow the Core Value to serve as the Northern Star for future shaping of the product itself.
We create a roadmap of untapping the Core Value in product experience
In a nutshell we provide a sufficient amount of right brain thinking to shape meaningful long term relationships between your product and people.
Тим Бутырин (Avito)
Вы очень самобытные, у вас есть свое лицо и свой бренд, и это очень ценно. Когда у агентства есть свое лицо, свое видение, свои ценности которые они доносят, то ты можешь быть уверен, что они и для твоего бренда сделают все самое лучшее.
Марина Швоева (Softline)
Вы определенно делаете мир лучше, определенно делаете индустрию лучше, каждого из нас лучше. Вы находите совершенно правильные слова для выражения не самых простых мыслей. Слова при этом простые и очень точные и это потрясающе.
Marco Cremona (Google)
3 things I admire in you. The first one is the courage to start an entrepreneurial project. The second quality is determination. Throughout these years I’m sure you had moments of high and moments of low, and you were able to sail through the storms, and bring the agency to the incredible status that it gained today. And Thirdly. I would really love to focus on aspects of humanity, that’s probably the best quality of all. Because I’ve heard that in Russia in order to succeed you have to dominate, or be dominated when it comes to leadership. And you showed to the market that leadership can also be kind.
Tommy Petrov (Snap inc.)
Я считаю, что у вас невероятная агентская культура, то что является сердцем всего бизнеса. Очень мне нравится то, как эта культура строится и культивируется и мне кажется это залог успеха. Не важно чем вы будете заниматься, снимать ролики или что-либо еще, если у вас получается конденсировать такую энергию, то у вас это точно получится.
Юлия Анфилова (Google)
Я очень рада, что столько лет у меня есть возможность наблюдать за тем, какие чудеса вы делаете и участвовать в этом. Я не представляю себе Google без SLAVA, не представляю, как Google выглядел бы в глазах наших пользователей, если бы не было Чтений, Года в поиске, Вдали от столиц.
John Mark Fitzpatric
We believe that the core of this phenomenon lies where most founders excel – in Left-brain thinking. Logic, analytics, math, A-B testing and all those things are extremely important when it comes to writing code. They are crucial to build. They are the key to getting traction. 

They even worked for some period of time to sell. Build sales funnels, buy cheaper traffic, find product market fit (LTV>CAC). So left brain founders hired left-brain digital marketers, who speak the same language and share the same strength. BUT. 

Together with strengths they also share the same blind spots. 

For every tech company there are a number of fundamental questions that can’t be answered with a help of pure logic. 
There is no algorithm to define the true value your technological solution brings to people. 
No algorithm to communicate this value in the most memorable and engaging forms. 
And without getting those right companies will never flourish. 

To address those questions you need another skill set: Creativity, Intuition, Feeling, Imagination. You need to partner your left brain hemisphere with a right one. 

When those become the whole, the magic happens. People start to get what you are doing, they start to care and they start to be grateful. With their attention, time & money. 

We are an agency partner for Google Russia, who helped it to win the local market 
(from #4 to #1 online destination in 4 years).

We helped Avito (biggest online classifieds in Russia and top 3 in World) to define its authentic voice, significantly raising brand love, trust and integrity. 

We partnered with the most progressive companies of the new economy on the market and provided tangible results for: 
Youtube (media & entertainment), Google Ads (b2b), Lamoda (fashion), City Mobil (public transportation), Tinkoff (finance), Skill Box (edtech), Kaspersky (b2b), Mafin (insurance), SkyScanner (travel & leisure), Warface (gaming). 

We worked closely with both leaders and newbies and witnessed how the latest became the first. Many times.